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Providence South Ripley

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 1 - 2 Car Spaces
  • $420,705 - $472,010

Ripley Valley’s visionary new town

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Providence Town

Beyond the natural beauty of the landscape, a visionary new town is being created. More thoughtful. More inspiring. More meaningful. Not just another sprawling suburb, but a place with a true heart and soul, that brings back authentic neighbourhood values. We call it the ‘return to the neighbourhood’. A place where people thrive. Where every day is filled with surprise and delight. A place where you just love to be.

Providence will be a township with a village heart and friendly walkable neighbourhoods, leafy streetscapes, interesting stopping points and a linear parkway that threads through the entire community opening up into special spaces, places and events to enjoy.

It is an engaged community, where people have a voice and ideas and opinions are valued. That’s the way we believe it should be. Providence is a place that’s created around respect – respect for the glorious natural environment, respect for the traditional owners, respect for the pioneering past, and respect for the people who call it home.

Located in the heart of the Ripley Valley, merely 8 minutes from Orion Springfield Town Centre and 15 minutes from downtown Ipswich, Providence is central to a region that is forecast to be one of the largest employment growth areas in Australia.

By 2031, Ripley Valley will have a projected population of up to 120,000.

Providence will be the largest new residential community in the Valley with up to 20,000 people. It will also feature the greatest area of green space, double the size of the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, City Botanic Gardens and South Bank Parklands combined.

With established schools, universities, shopping, health care, a new railway station and growing employment choices all so close-by in Greater Springfield, you can enjoy the benefits now and look forward to the opportunities that will blossom as the region continues to grow and prosper.

When you choose to make your home at Providence you will not only be part of a wonderful new community but central to one of the most important growth areas in South East Queensland.

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